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Lomuarredi is a company specialising in the strategic marketing and brand management of companies operating online in the furniture sector. 

Through careful and direct management itenables luxury furniture companies to sell to the final customer at super competitive all-inclusive prices.

In order to optimise the management costs, invoicing and orders, administration will becarried out under strict supervision in compliance with protocolsto guarantee customers maximum security in online purchases.

It maintains a constant dialogue with the management of the companies with which it works, while fully respecting their operational autonomy.

Company Profile

Continual Evolution on Furniture Business:

furniture business graph
  • People: talented and professional managers with successful track record who take part in the creation of value “thinking and acting as owners”.
  • Economic and financial results: companies who have demonstrated a consistent cash flow and earnings generation, with a sound balance sheet.
  • Governance: participation on Boards of Directors in order to monitor and contribute to the development of the company.

  • Competitive position: companies with a long-term sustainable competitive advantage who are “best in class” or who are able to become the best
the best

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Lomuarredi Ltd

Registered Office

c/o The Accountancy Partnership
Twelve Quays House, Egerton Wharf,
Wirral Merseyside,
United Kingdom CH41 1LD
Registered in England n°11367128

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